Triumph in conflict, remain committed to the masterpiece.

Artica Concept Creed

What the symbol represents, and why it was created.


"Line of my Mind; Design of my Time." -229
The quality of anything is found in the root of its foundation.

Progression in humanity is dependent on what is learned from history.
History is shaped by the decisions of the people's authorities.
Furthermore, the decisions of every individual is greatly influenced by their culture.
If the complete composition of the culture is fashioned by those who are the Designers, the Inventors, Creators, Originators…those who are the “Artists,” then ultimately, it is the works of art and wisdom, that have a critical effect to sustain progression.

So why is it that when resources grow bleak, and the funding is weak, …the first thing we leave omitted and ordain ceased is…the Arts? The Artica strives to be the reminder that, "WE,"[Artists], have to triumph in conflict and remain committed to the masterpiece.

N 33° 58.338' W 117° 56.815'
ca. 1996


Art + Activism = Artivism

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